DRLPRO3.0 is a comprehensive, Excel based spreadsheet application built to  give drilling leaders easy access to the data and information required to make technical drilling decisions in an intuitive, user friendly format.   The extensive use of drop-down menus, spinners and option boxes dramatically reduces the amount of time required to input data, allowing the user to quickly perform iterative calculations with multiple variables.  The macro-free program consists of seven modules covering activities and events within the wellbore construction process.   Each module has a link to a guidance page and a YouTube  tutorial.

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The Drilling module contains a wide range of calculations providing the user with critical information  required to optimize drilling efficiency.    The impact of changing one or more input variables is immediately apparent, allowing the user to quickly run through multiple scenarios prior to committing to a specific action.  

The Tripping module calculates surge/swab pressures, volume per fill and total fill in strokes and bbls.  It also calculates the equivilent loss in hydrostatic pressue at each fill cycle.

The Run Casing  module provides technical information on casing and facilitates two sizes of casing.  The desired spacer and cement volumes are easily calculated, even in complex wellbores.  The surge effect associated with casing running speed is provided as well as the string weight at different phases of cementing.

The Run Liner module is similar to the Run Casing module but designed for liner applications.

The Target module allows the user to easily input target data, make bit projections and run different build rate scenarios to forecast the landing zone when drilling the curve section of a horizontal well.  The module provides the user with the tools to make informed directional decisions without having to totally rely on third party personnel. 

The Well Control module creates a kill sheet based on kick information for both vertical and horizontal wellbores.  It also calculates the sacks per minute of barite required to bring the system up to the required kill mud weight.

The Cement Plug module executes the tedious calculations for setting a balanced cement plug.